Hidden in the leaves

Hidden in the leaves

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gala Daze

  The big weekend is over, and I think I have one very tired granddaughter. There were 9 young ladies involved in the Princess Pageant (though I don't really think pageant is the right word here). Each was sponsored by a business or group, with Rae sponsored by her Community.

  It was a busy time for the girls, beginning mid afternoon Friday, a Grand Opening Friday night at The North Mountain United Tapestry (which I will talk about in a future blog), a full day Saturday, including the Tea, where the Gala Day Queen was chosen, then on to other activities the remainder of the day. All of the girls were involved in everything, being present for all the things that were going on. There was even a Teddy Bear Picnic.

 Sunday, the 'royal party' attended the service at our church which was very nice. Again there were other events through the day where the girls were present, a great fireworks display at night, and then it all culminated with the Children's Parade on Monday morning, and the Street Parade in the afternoon. I am pretty sure that all of the girls, who very nicely represented their sponsors were in a daze by that point. The float from the community was nicely decorated and won the title of the best over all of the entrants. Rae said that she really enjoyed it all, and that it was fun, but very busy. I am glad for her that she enjoyed the experience. I have a few pictures, which I will share. Let me say as a proud grandmother that she was a very poised young lady. I got so wrapped up in Rae, that I neglected to take any photos Friday night, and only took one at the tea.

Rae's father escorting her at the beginning of the tea

The Children's Parade - Rae and her 2 young attendants

The Community Float

Our very own Princess after the parade

I attended the opening night, the tea and the two parades. There were all kinds of activities 
happening, but for me, it was enough to support Rae. I am sure that it will be something
that she will always remember.......
Now...her last year of high school will begin on Thursday...
So hard for a Grammy to get her head around. 

Monday, August 25, 2014


Here we are. in the last week of August. It seems the summer has flashed by, and the mornings here are getting quite chilly....autumn coming....

     September will bring the beginning of routine, and I guess I'm looking forward to it, but I certainly hope that Miss September will bring with her a dose of energy, because I am seriously lacking in that area.

        I have spent the last several days painting, and now I think I will put the paints away for a week or so, and hit the books, searching for information on the book of 1st Samuel, and trying to come up with some new and inspiring songs for the choir. Both groups will be starting up early September.

Quite often I will see a little sparrow sitting on the lilies

Acrylic Abstracts

Acrylic Abstract

Rock Painting

Great Fun

That's all for now.......

Monday, August 18, 2014

Challenge for today...

I read a lot of blogs on line and they are always so 
or moving
or informative
 or all of the above.

Then I sit down to write a little post and before doing so, 
I read a friends' blog.
Her poetry is beyond beautiful, no matter the topic.

And what was I going to write about------
the mess that I am in. I thought that I would accomplish one small cleaning up item per day. I usually 
begin with my den area, because I am never satisfied with how I have set it up. I dug in, going through 
old cards, old magazines, old drawings...everything that I hadn't looked at or used in a year or more.
'They' say that if you haven't used something in a year then you probably won't use it 'ever'.
I don't really know who 'They' are, but they seem to have a lot of knowledge about a lot of useful, and
useless things. I digress......
It is deciding where to put my books and supplies in order to get at them easily....hah.
What I really need are floor to ceiling wall shelves and cupboards. But since that will never happen, I am
driving myself a little nuts trying to decide where to put what.
I should have left well enough alone, because you know what happens when you start a 'small project'.
It becomes a big one and then it gets bigger, and then you have a mess all over the floor so that 
you can't move, and you haven't a clue how to finish up this one small cleaning project.
I decided to take a break and so I am typing this.

If I end up putting things back in the same place, what will have been the point of all this? I shall have to think
on it a bit. It is mid afternoon, and I shall soon run out of steam so I had better get going.................
I just realized that this small room has 3 walls and an archway. If I were going to put shelves up where would
I put them? There are windows in two of the walls and a door on the other......
That's why I'll never have shelves....
And even if I did have shelves, I would probably still not be satisfied with where to put the wool, books, wood items, frames, empty cans, rocks, shells, CD's, old tapes, microscope, ( I used to look at bugs from
the orchard and berry fields), paints brushes, waterdish, canvases ...... oh dear.
Well, I guess I needn't prolong the inevitable....

Till next time.......

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Of Blueberry Bushes and Princesses

Just finished working in the blueberries, trying to weed them out. Stopped and came in and feel all shakey and funny. Maybe too much sun, maybe not eating.....maybe both......

There always seems to be something going on with my poor
physical self, never mind my mental stability.
Keep on keeping on is about all I can do.

Last evening I attended an Princess Tea at a neighbouring Community Hall.
My granddaughter is the Princess representing this community in a local annual celebration
called Gala Days. 
She made a little speech, as did her counterpart from last year, and then was presented with her 
'crown'. She will have a very busy time leading up to the labour day weekend.

Coffee, tea, sandwiches and sweets followed the speeches and presentations, and the girls
spent some time chatting with the folks present. 
I was a little hyper, a result of not feeling that great. I get a little foolish, and people laugh. Strange.
Definitely no pictures of me. Facebook took care of that.

Sadie having a little rest on the doorstep
The clouds are building up, though the sun is still shining through. We are supposed to be in for a 
rainy day. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Catching Up

     How can I catch the tail end of a TV program that the Captain was watching, and end up in tears because one of the characters died. Grant you, it was ER, but I haven't seen that show for years. What is up with me.

     I had this open, hoping to at least start a post. I've been thinking that I might try posting this way. I don't always have a lot to post, but if I start, save, then do a bit more till I feel I am finished, then publish....I'll see how that works. It's worth a try.

     Another day - We went to a community picnic last evening, an annual event. People from two small communities get together to eat, laugh and catch up on news. The communities have changed a lot over the years, and now there are a lot of little ones. They had special games for the kids, including a pinata. They had a great time swinging at it, and of course gathering up the fallen candy. What I really enjoyed was the opportunity to play my uke with three other gals, one on a mandolin, and two with guitars. We had a fun time. It was a new experience for me, playing with others. We played a lot of old songs, some I didn't even know, but just followed along. We played before folks ate, and then for a while after. I was having such a good time I didn't realize how sore my left hand and arm were getting. I finally had to stop, though I hated to. Today, my hand and arm are a little sore, but it was well worth it. Such a great time.
     Desire to do something different hits me every once in a while. I was going through my cupboard, and saw my clay supplies. One package had not been closed tightly, and was drying out a bit, and not very malleable. Mmmmmmm, waste not, want not. I tried to soften it a bit with water, but it really wasn't workable enough, so I formed some different shapes and then began scraping, which is something else I do to lose myself in. 

The sticks are not clay, but carved Popsicle sticks. (Don't ask)

It is now 3 days after my uke playing, and my arm and hand are still hurting. It can't all be from that evening of fun, but I don't know. I have been helping Dawn out in the raspberries, not doing too much, just tending the UPick. I'm not helping today, so I thought I would finish this up and post it. Looking back, it is a real mix of things. I took some pictures in the field, and also the almost finished result of the 'scratching. 

The rows of berries

Even though it is 3 weeks into the picking there are still lots of berries

They are tasty

A berry pickers best Blue and Yellow friend

close up of sunflower, including earwig in petal

clay things, painted, but not varnished
sticks painted up

The varnishing will bring out the colours a bit more

Back to the field, and the rows of sunflowers

The field fairies have built a home in the shade of the sunflower leaves

Picked berries for an order

And....finally I will post this 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Interesting Day..Sort of..

It was beautiful early this morning, and I decided that it would be nice to sit outside and enjoy my second cup of coffee. I got my coffee ready (I drink instant coffee, so had used boiling water) and headed out to the picnic table. I set my cup down, and then when I picked it up, somehow the thing jumped right out of my hands and spilled all over my legs.  OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!

I felt as though my inner thighs had been stung by a thousand bees, not that I know what that feels like, but you get the idea. Now the embarrassing part. I had pulled comfy slacks over my shorts (I sleep in shorts and t) and I want to tell you that I was not long in whisking those pants off. Oooooh. My legs were so red, and not only that, I had spilt every drop of coffee. Not fun. In to the house I go, legs burning and a real need to get dressed. Gradually the redness faded, but the legs still hurt.

Not that I am a glutton for punishment, but I really needed a cup of coffee now, and carefully made my way back out to enjoy the birds the sun. Now the good part.

As I was sitting there wondering how I had managed to drop the cup, a car drove in the driveway, and out jumped a dear friend, who was on her way to work and stopped by to give me a plate of chocolate squares that she had made for me for my birthday. She is such a sweetheart, and a very brave and strong woman, having just completed several rounds of chemo, and has won the fight!!!!! I think chocolate has healing qualities, as I almost forgot my burn.

Next, my cleaner came, which she does every other week, and when I told her what I had done, she asked, "Do you have any aloe?" Duhhhhhh. Of course, aloe.....the healing gel, the plant that I have sitting on my kitchen window sill.......that aloe. I immediately broke off a bit and wiped the gel over my legs and eased the burning. I told Chrissy that I only had 2 brain cells, and that they were talking to each other, but in different languages. She knows me too well.

Now, that should be enough for a day, but there are just two more little things.

I spent more time weeding, and finally finished clearing the garden area. I haven't cleaned up the roots etc. That will be tomorrow. My right hand is sore, because I managed to build up quite a blister in the palm of my hand. I tried doing the dishes, but (and any excuse is a good one) the hot water hurts the blister.

I decided I wanted to put up our house number, and so I would need something to put holes in the number plate. A hammer and a nail should work........AND..... I smashed my left thumb not once, not twice, but three times. It is now swollen, and bruised, but the number is hanging.

This probably sounds like a Mr. Bean movie, but it is my real life.....I am now tired, and shortly will be going to bed, in order to face tomorrow with renewed strength.
I'll need it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Absolute Delight

The last few evenings have been delightful......spending special time with my girls....birthday times. Dawn's birthday on the 16th and mine on the 17th, makes for joint celebration.

Heather took us out for dinner at the Port Pub, us being Dawn, Lindsay, Rae and her friend Colton and me. We enjoyed this special time together, with lots of laughs and good food. A wee glass of wine for the birthday girl, helped me relax for a change and just enjoy. So nice!

Then, last evening, Dawn, the girls and Colton and I went to the Fundy shore, at Morden. I hadn't been over to the shore to just sit and enjoy for quite a long time. I only took a few pictures, because I didn't take extra batteries. It is a little difficult to walk on the rocks, but Dawn held her ol' mom up and even took a chair for me. Rae had thought to get a cake for us, but cake on the rocks would be a bit messy perhaps, and so we had birthday cream puffs. Delicious, and so easy to pop in your mouth.

It was a little cool, with the wind blowing, but so enjoyable. Dawn made a little fire, and we toasted marshmallows, which I hadn't done since we camped in Cape Breton a few years ago. The marshmallows were huge, and I had to lick every finger, I had made such a mess. (And Dawn was worried about eating cake :)) I was huddled in a jacket, as was Dawn. The young ones didn't seem to mind the brisk breeze.

Lindsay posing for Grammy

Rae posing for Grammy

Rocky shore

Rae and Colton

Our Yummy Cream Puffs

Toasting marshmallows

Sun Setting

Almost gone

Birthday flowers from Rae

A lovely, lovely time, and this morning weary, but well satisfied with life, I find myself remembering my blessings, the love and the support from my girls, and am thankful, so thankful. No matter what this old world brings, through the ups and girls make it all worth hanging in there...