First Snow 2014

First Snow 2014

Thursday, February 26, 2015

More snow....

Here we go again.....

Heavy, wet snow....

Birds and squirrels hunt for seeds

Laden branches blow....

Hanging very low....

House bound once again.....
This winter's been 'too much'...
O Spring, I ache for you
Come quickly
I miss you so!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Found It....

Well, things go from bad to worse. You know the post I thought I lost, well, I published it on the Barney and Belinda blog. I do not know what I am going to do with myself. If there hadn't been a comment about the snow, it would have taken me a while to discover what I had done. Oh, Bonnie, what is next?

Here are a few more pictures. Wait.... let me check to make sure I'm in the right blog..... Yes. Okay.

School has been cancelled here for the third day. Some of the back roads haven't been plowed I guess, and others have huge drifts blocking parts of the roads.

The Captain plowed the driveway yesterday, and I did a bit of shovelling. Feeling it a bit today in my arms and back, but not as bad as I thought it might be.

There is a road there somewhere beyond the little building



Sadie inspecting the snow drift on her porch
and waiting for me to clear the rest of it.

And, just to make sure that the day didn't go by without doing something
silly, I decided to shovel a bit, while I cooked potatoes........
not a good idea......especially when I turned on the wrong burner.

It's a good thing that I couldn't shovel for a long time.
I shared this picture on fb and found that others have done
the same thing. I don't think I'll admit that I have done this

Sometimes I think my life is a comedy of errors.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Has Won....

I really can't believe that I just spent a half hour writing up a post with pictures, about the snow storm that began over night Saturday and has left us in a closed down scenario for three days......and then....
didn't save it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just can't rewrite it......I'm cheesed off with myself.......

I'll just say that the snow has won, and I have 'snow brain' and

I will just show you the pictures of what it was like here Sunday and yesterday.

Now....just make sure, after you get the pictures on here to hit 'publish'.......

Ok, managed that this thing so you don't have to do it a third time..........

I think that is it for today......Sadie says, "Chin up, Spring is coming"

Friday, February 6, 2015

Quite a Week!

It has been quite a week, give or take a few days. The days all run in together during weeks like this past one.

We have had one snow storm after another. Snow, snow and more snow, mixed in with a bit of rain, rising and falling temperatures and ice on the roads. Road reports from Halifax early this morning told of buses sliding sideways on hills and cars off the road. Our area schools, in fact most schools in the province are closed today.

I cancelled our choir practice last night because of impending weather, and I am glad I did. I figured that even if one lived close to the church, they were still taking a chance on the roads. Ours is still snow covered and I imagine there is ice underneath.
The oil man just came to fill our tank. I am thankful that our daughter had cleared a way to it. Before she started, you couldn't see the tank.

I had decided last Sunday, that I was going to withdraw from activities this week. Picked a good one. All activities were cancelled because of storms. Oh well, I did take time off from FB and Twitter, and didn't read as many blogs as I usually do. In fact, I didn't do much this past week. Most days, I just thought about doing things.  Energy had packed her bags and left, and in her place pain and depression had moved in. However, I am on my way to recovery once again. This up and down stuff is a ridiculous way to spend one's days, but I guess it is better than the alternative, although there have been times when I didn't think that way. BUT, I got past that way of thinking too.

I didn't feel much like taking pictures of the snow, but this morning I decided to put a few here.

Poor birdies. It's been hard to get feed to them.

On a few occasions I just threw the seed on the snow.

It is difficult to really see the amount of snow.
The driveway was plowed yesterday.

There is a Mourning Dove almost in the middle of the picture,
but it is hard to see.
Sadie is doing ok, and I am too.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good Morning

Having just finished my second cup of coffee, I decided that now would be a good time to write a little bit for the blog.
Nova Scotia has finally welcomed winter, and this what it looked like out my window yesterday.

The windows rattled as the storm raged with gusting winds and
blowing snow. Almost everything was shut down for the day.
The border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia was closed, as the highway
was impassible.
The poor little birds had great trouble getting their food, between
the wind and the snow cover.
Not a very nice day.

Above is a picture out the same window, this morning.
It is coated with ice.
Today, once again the schools are closed, and the roads dangerous.

I did not accomplish very much yesterday. A bit of vacuuming was about all. Not that I didn't have plans, but I just didn't seem to have any energy. I don't know what it is about storms, but they leave me feeling lethargic. Sadie too. She was not pleased with the snow hill on the back porch that she had to climb down and back up. She managed quite well, though.

Just listening to the news, and there are cars in ditches, and a school bus has gone off the road. I'm glad the kids under our school board are home for the day. Our back roads can be pretty awful after a storm.

More snow for the weekend is in the forecast, so perhaps we are getting the winter we didn't get before Christmas. I'm wondering what we will get in February.

Sadie and I are playing a little game......take the pill.....find the pill.....retake the pill. She has become very good at spitting up her pills without me realizing it. This adds a new meaning to reuse or recycle. If I find a pill on the floor, it is given again. She is definitely trying to tell me something.

There's not much else to write about today. Sunshine tomorrow? Here's hoping.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

S'now gone....

Rain, rain and more rain yesterday, washed most of the snow away. I gazed from my window upon a new pond which had developed in the side yard. Seeing that, I knew what I would find in my basement. It took a few hours, but soon the streams were running, and the sump pump busy doing its job. I'm glad that the power didn't go out here, though some people up the valley did lose theirs. 
You've heard the story about the little Dutch boy who stopped the leak in the dyke with his finger.
I doesn't work.........not enough fingers....

It grew and grew and today it is.....

Sadie watching for any pond creatures that might appear...
None did....

Oh look a tame chickadee....with no legs....Haven't
figured out how to make them yet..

Sewed this closed..upside down.. I shall take it apart 
and close the other end. It is for my phone.

This one doesn't matter because there is no up
or down. It's for my glasses when I have to carry them.

It is still cold, and the wind is blowing, but the sun is shining.
It looks warmer than it is.

I am making a "Long Range To Do List".
You would not believe the things I already have on it.
Most things concern my beastly is drying out today - yay.
I was walking around looking at everything and I thought, 
I would feel so guilty if I died and the girls had to clean it out.
I just couldn't do that to
my Long Range To Do List.......
I shall have to stick around for quite a while to get it all accomplished.
Glad I didn't call it a Short Range To Do List. :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's See.....

...I was going to write this post a couple of days was going to be a rant, but I waited a day, then it was going to be a vent.....and now that I have settled down, it is close to a whine...
I hate it when things happen, such as a water pipe springing a leak, a little hole that allows water to spray out in a fine mist, causing water to drip from the wood ceiling, and then you notice it, when you hear the drips.

Then, in order to fix the pipe, the dear plumber, God bless him, came the day I called, (I think). If not, it was the next day. He asked if I could pull the fuse on an outlet that was very close to the spraying water. WELL, one would think that this would be an easy thing to accomplish. Not true in this house. The fuse box is in a little cold room, which has always been used, except for the first couple of years when my canning? was placed on the shelves. It is now full of stuff that I don't even know about.  It was the stuff, that I had to climb over to get to the fuse box, and then I had to decipher the writing showing which fuse was which. The headache that had started early in the morning was beginning to sink its claws in deeper.  After a couple of tries, I pulled the right fuse, and the plumber carried on, and fixed the pipe.

Now I know that there are lots of horrible things going on in the world, and that I am fortunate to have a home, and I should be counting me blessings, and I do, but.....
........sometimes I just have to rant, vent, whine ........

During the past several weeks or so, because of the cold, cold, freezing, weather, the back door, which is the one we always use, decided (not that a door can decided anything) that it would make my life difficult, by refusing to latch unless you slammed it with all your might. This of course became a bit of a game for the Captain, who found great mirth in the fact that I had such trouble shutting it.

Anyway...... Tuesday evening, as the Captain was off to Darts, he found he couldn't get out of the door....and I couldn't turn the knob at all. It seemed to be frozen. Being the good wife (not), I put my rubber boots on, after I emptied them of black oil sunflower seeds, that a wee mousey had put in there. I hadn't used them for quite a while.... This caused a round of laughter by the Captain. I was not laughing... I exited the front door, making sure that I closed it (this is important). Oh yes, the Captain went out using this door, before I closed it. The back door refused to open, so while he was warming up the car, I went to go back in the front door. Now, it is an aluminium door, and the push button, .... wait for guessed it.......frozen. Right! Now I was locked out of the house. Wonderful....... At this time, I was not counting my blessings, or the stars, but the number of steps I thought there were in the pitch black back stairwell to the basement, which I managed to navigate and got into the basement.

Being the real home expert on things that go wrong, I got my handy, dandy hair dryer, which I haven't used to dry hair for years. Mostly I use it for quick drying my varnished crafts or paintings, or defrosting the freezer, and now I can add, thawing out the back door nob. I managed to do just that, but had to stay up until the Captain got home, to make sure the door would open, and not need a little heat.... It was okay, and I took my aching body to bed.

We bought a new door knob and the carpenter who had come while we were out, replaced the old knob and said that it was totally worn out and broken. He fixed the door frame so the latch would catch.
Did I tell you about the flying window, and the reason the carpenter was here? I can't remember, but it would be too much to tell you today. I am tired just reliving the events thus written.

I am so happy that I am a source of humour in the life of the's better (I think) that any alternative.......

Blessings on plumbers and carpenters everywhere!!!!