Dawn's Handiwork

Dawn's Handiwork

Monday, August 3, 2015

Charging and Recharging

It has been a busy weekend, and I'd like to share a bit of what went on on our little part of the mountain.  I have written about cleaning out attic and basement and that we would have a yard sale. Perhaps I didn't mention the yard sale, I can't remember.

It was decided that we would have a sale and have it coincide with the farm's Give Kids the World special day where a donation from each box of berries picked went to D"s favourite charity. It turned out to be an excellent weather day, sun shining and quite warm. D set up a table for GKTW and had yard sale items donated to it to sell. Two other friends set up their tables and H joined me. I don't think I got rid of too much, but some things did go, and information was given to me on who might take the leavings as a donation. H says we will gradually take the items to different places, and that's a good thing.

Here I am with a friend from PEI,looking my most stylish, to go with his excellent
taste in head gear. 

Just before 8 am.....getting started

Catching up with friends from PEI

C, R and K manning the fundraiser table.

I was very tired after the long day, although the sale ended at one, there was the putting it all away again thing. Thanks to R, C, and H, I didn't have to lug anything. I had been up since 5 am and was really feeling it. Aside from that, it was a good day. I talked to some really nice people who were generous in their giving to GKTW and D realized $500 for the charity.

Sunday afternoon, our community and a neighbouring one had a joint get together picnic. It was fairly well attended, with lots of food as is usual at a potluck sort of thing, plus bbq'd hamburgs and hotdogs. Some of us got together and had a bit of a sing song, with 2 playing guitars, one on mandolin and I had my uke. My fingers were so sore after an hour or so of playing, that I had to stop.

The neat thing about this sort of picnic is the variety of age groups. There were lots of wee ones, like this little one above.

I managed to get the picnic pictures with a broken camera. Since the cover on the camera lens would not open, except for a little crack, I can not understand how the pictures came out. The screen was black as I took the picture, and then the picture showed on the screen so I knew I had got it.

I had been thinking about getting a new camera and this gave me the incentive to get one. Off I went this morning to get a new one, since I shall soon be going to White Point on the south shore, with H, for a couple of days, and I definitely will need to get some shots.

The 'charging' from the title is charging my camera battery. The 're charging' is for me at White Point.

Sometimes I take pictures of weird things. The shots below are what I would call an albino earwig.

It is all white except for its eyes. However the eyes are black, so
perhaps this is not a true albino, but still interesting.

Have a good day as August begins 
Don't blink - 
Or - 
It will be September.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Last week, my first daughter and I celebrated our birthdays. Her birthday is one day before mine. We have celebrated our birthdays in the past at Guide Camp. It always seemed that we camped the week of our birthdays. Actually, another guide, and still friend had a birthday the day after mine. Her mom would make a cake for all of us. That happened for several years. Then, when the farm got really busy, there was no time to really do anything special at all. We usually had a joint birthday cake. This week we went out to dinner on her birthday, though it was her treat for mine. The very nice part of this double celebration is that on my birthday, R's boyfriend's mother brought us a delicious lunch and desert and we had a little get together with R and said boyfriend, C, L and of course D. C's mom also brought us both flowers. She is a lovely person.

The picture above is a needle point that D made for me. I thought it was beautiful and decided to use it as a header for a while.

Left, flowers that H gave me, and right, flowers from C

I have done a little felting and this is a picture of a little doll.

She is made on a clothes peg.

Well, the painter only took one day off and returned to finish the dormer. I was so happy to see it finished, I was so pleased to see it done.

I just had to take a picture to mark the occasion, as it has been
a few years coming.

These little roses are being closely guarded by lilly leaves.
I really need to move the dear thing.
My garden is quite overcrowded.

We have had some very hot, humid days and everything was quite dry. Needed rain began yesterday, and the next few will also be wet. The rain is good for the crops, except it makes picking the raspberries difficult. They are just starting and need to be picked. 

This is all for now. My little brain cannot think of anything else, though I am sure there is something I have forgotten.

Until next time....enjoy life. It's the only one we have, rain or shine.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer time and the living ain't easy.....

The last couple of weeks have been a little busy, as we have had our house painted, and that meant an opportunity to get the storm windows off and get them cleaned, and so I have been washing windows. It is nice to have a new paint job for the house. It looks pretty good. The painter unfortunately sprained his ankle at a ball game, and finished the house while he was nursing a very sore leg. He was determined. There is still a dormer that needs some work, but that will have to be in a few days.
As a seasoned window washer now, I can say that using vinegar and water is much better than that 'unnamed' spray stuff. It works quite well.


It is haying season, and once L started to cut the hay, all I could think about was Sadie. This was the best time of year for her. How she loved it. Yesterday, I took her ashes up to the hill where L was finishing up and we sprinkled some of her ashes over the hayfield, had a good cry and again said goodbye. I also let some blow around the edge of the field where she would sit and watch, and a bit around one bale that was sitting close to the edge. I could picture Sadie sitting up on it, so proud.

It has been extremely hot here in the valley. We haven't had much rain. A bit fell yesterday morning but not enough to soak in. I feel so bad for the folks out west who are facing the wildfires that are endangering whole communities. I hope they get some relief soon. So much woodland that is tinder dry, gone up in fire and smoke.

Saturday, H came to visit with the purpose of doing some work in the attic. We managed to get a bit done, but it is like a furnace in there. H suggested that we have a yard sale, since there were some things that were too good to throw out but that I would never use. Between H and D and I, a decision has been made to have one in August. Here I am a Maritimer, and I have never held a yard sale. I've been to a few, but not on a regular basis. Folks here call it 'yardsaling' (not sure how to spell a made up word). I thought that was a right of passage for anyone adopting Nova Scotia as their home, but I guess I came before that law was in the books.

Not a very exciting post, but it is all I got.....(smiles and chuckles)

Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Graduation Time

It has been a hectic few days, but now all the celebrations are over, except for the celebration of Canada Day today.  The hectic days refer to the high school graduation of my eldest granddaughter, and the middle school graduation of my youngest. One forgets how much goes into a high school graduation, what with prom, banquet and the actual graduation, and the multitude of pictures taken.
Not so much for the middle school, but still a big step in my L's life. Heading off to high school and lots of new adventures. For R it will mean moving away from home to begin University in the fall. Things will definitely be different for Mom and for Grammy.

It must be okay for a grandmother to fill up with pride in her girls, not just the graduates but also their Mom, and their Aunt H. Seeing them together, I just wanted to hold on to them so tight. They are so precious to me.

Life goes on, and each of "my girls" (which is what I call the four of them), have their own paths to take. The older ones are further along and have made their big life decisions. The younger ones are yet to see their future unfold. Lord bless them as they begin on their new paths.

Pictures in the orchard

Graduation Day
Both ceremonies were on the same day

All dressed up for the prom

It is a weary grandmother who now writes this. I am physically and emotionally drained, but such joy fills my heart. Soon these events will be but memories, but good ones I hope. A family gathering, parents and grandparents who want nothing more than a wonderful memory of two young ladies who have accomplished something special. I might add that they both graduated with honours.
The summer days will be filled with fun and adventure and work (on the farm) until September rolls in and a new stage begins.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Scary Place...

I am in the attic now, and I feel a little bit like Alice in Wonderland. I have a flash light since there is not an electric light in that dark and dank place. Boxes loom before me, and I fear I may fall into a "rabbit hole'. I feel a hundred eyes upon me, and I am relieved to find out that they belong to stuffed animals, not mice, though I know mice have visited the attic. They have carried bird seed up there to eat at their parties. I hope they are cute, like the mice in Cinderella. I'll let you know if I get an invite to their party, though all is quiet now..........I must gather my fearlessness and venture forth again.

Oh my aching back. Working in the attic is much harder than working in the basement. To carry on the analogy of my fictional friend Alice, the door I go through is much smaller than an ordinary door. And then because I am so big, I must bend over to extricate boxes from the attic to my room, which by the way was once part of the attic. There is no way I can just work in the attic, but have to pull out the boxes to go through them. Then, there is the part where I travel from the upstairs to the basement....with the bags of junk. If I was going to do it again, I would never save anything. And starting now I vow not to hoard.

A few days later........I am defeated. The scary place has wiped me out. I don't know how Alice got through all her adventures without taking a long vacation. Well, she was fictional, and maybe I am too, a figment of my own imagination. I have been spending too much time in the attic and the cobwebs have clogged my brain.

At this time my adventure in the attic has come to an end. My back just can't handle it. I think I have half of the Captain's family's stuff still in there.....but I can't move any more boxes.. H did say she'd help, so I am formally taking her up on the offer.

For now, the little door is closed for another season. I shall leave it to the mice, if I haven't disrupted their life style. (Wouldn't that be a wonder?)

A rabbit just ran by with a big alarm clock saying he was late for something. I am too! A cup of coffee. It's a good thing I am not a taker of heavy drink........... Hey, wait for me Rabbit!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Catching Up

     For eight days minimum, I struggled with cleaning up my basement. It has been a repository for everything that we didn't know where else to store it . Piles upon piles of boxes, old things which I hadn't seen for years, and of course the wet, mouldy stuff that had been through the various flood times. Box after box of stuff the Captain apparently thought would be useful 'sometime', but instead it lay wet and rusty and not good for anything. There were also quite a few cases of empties, quite a few! I would be embarrassed to say how many.

It took determination I didn't think I had, but finally it was done. Not perfect, but done, except for getting these boxes to the recycler. I knew this was a big burden and through the hours of cleaning my mind tried to decide how I was going to take all this stuff.

This is where a fantastic friend and neighbour steps, or rather drives into the picture, pulling a large trailer.  Sadie's friend L, his wife J and a friend of L's came to take care of my burden. A couple of hours later, my basement was empty of all the things that needed to go.

What do you say about friends who will stop the important things they are doing, to help another friend with a big mess. I just felt so overwhelmed with thankfulness. It is hard for me to ask for help, but I knew I couldn't do it on my own. L was ready and willing to help. He and J are like that. They are the kind of people who notice when something is not right and are there to lend a helping, caring, loving hand. Their children, now grown adults with families of their own are very much the same way. There are two loving, caring daughters, and one son. I might also say that L and his son M have been great helps to daughter D, and when the Captain was farming he too was a recipient of their help.

Sometimes, thank you just doesn't seem enough, though that is all they ever want. They help because they want to, because they are friends. I can not think of any way to express my thanks, other than a big hug and a sincere thank you. I get overwhelmed with their kindness, and I cry. That they would do for me because they care. Quality people. Quality friends. I'd adopt them if I could.

Today I have been doing odds and ends of things in the basement and the yard. I fear I may have overdone it with the basement, because I just can't seem to get up any sustained energy, and after only 15 minutes, I have to rest. If I sit on a stool, I can weed for longer but pushing the wheel barrow and carrying things just cause the back pain to grow. I am thankful that after I rest for a while I can go back to it, but oh how I wish I could do what I want without the pain. It would be a nice difference.

Of course when you work on one thing, the other things that need doing are left to do their own thing. Thus, my flower garden small though it is, has greened up with weeds. One weed is driving me crazy, and it isn't the dandelions. It is like an elastic strand, with leaves. I must see if I can find out what it is. I also want to take some pictures before I finish this post.

Just one picture now. Peonies are getting ready to bloom 
and iris I transplanted last year are blooming.
Garden is far too full, but it is the only place I have.

I'm off to see youngest granddaughter in her final choir concert.

It was rainy this morning but has turned into a beautiful day.

Be thankful for those special people
 that the Good Lord puts in your life.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Apple Blossom Time in the Valley

It's that special time in our valley, when the orchards are beautiful in their dresses of blossoms. There is an Apple Blossom celebration this weekend, complete with princesses, a new Queen Annapolisa crowned, parades, fair grounds and lots more. People go on drives to observe the orchards in full bloom.

Yesterday, I thought I would take a little walk in the orchard to take a few pictures. I took a walking stick with me to help me along. (Good planning)

Starting out, I got a picture of  Dawn and gals setting off 
to work

This is what they are doing. All of the branches, save one have been
cut off these trees, and bud wood from another variety grafted on.

I stopped for a while to chat, (mostly to have a rest), then continued on.
I was feeling pretty good, and carried on to the end of this orchard.

This is the end of the one block looking toward another
section that goes further along. About this point, I figured I had
better turn around, as legs were starting to get weak and
going back would be uphill.

Oh Oh! Up hill! There would be a whole lot of 'rest stops'
before I got back to the girls. It is close to 1/3 mile from
the road to the end of this block. It felt like 3 miles by the
time I got back to the house.

Stopped by the pond going down and coming back to check out
tadpoles, but I didn't see our resident muskrats (2).

By this time I was beginning to wonder whether I had bitten off more than
I could chew, so to speak. Legs burning, and leaning more and more on
my stick buddy, I carried on.

Taking pictures was a great excuse to rest my legs.
Finally I was almost to the road.

Tired? Yes. Sore? Yes. Feeling accomplished? Yes.
I wasn't sure I could do it, but I managed. I'm a little slower today,
but am planning my next walk to another pond, a little
further away in another block. There is a beaver there who has
been chawing on some trees.

In the meantime, I am trying to do a bit of work around the house, and am
slowly but surely getting weeding and whacking done.

I'll end this post with a picture of the blossoms on the flowering crab 
on our front lawn. Bees are humming around it, of course....

....and a view of the orchard from the road facing the North Mountain..

Have a great weekend!